Parts Corral Partial List:
D90 rear roll cage $300.00
Early round style heater with fan $200.00
Early metal defroster vents (2) $50.00
Early metal brake, clutch reservoir $40.00
Round air filter canisters $30.00
Axle shafts front and rear inquire
Good crankshaft 3 main bearing $150.00
Used steps $40.00
15" wheels rust free $40.00
Series III rust free bulkhead, some damage $250.00
Series III windshield frame $100.00
Brake drums, used $25.00
Dented rust free hoods $100.00
Radiator panel for 63 with buckets $150.00

* Shipping and handling not included

If you don't see a part that you need, just let us know and we'll rustle it up from the corral for you.

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